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Angus Cattle Breeders Canada

NorthWay Cattle Co.

Purebred Angus Genetics

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About NorthWay Cattle

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Welcome to Northway Cattle Co.

We are situated in the beautiful Peace River Region of Alberta.
We run approximately 1000 Cows that are required to calve June/July on grass in Sync with Nature. They graze all Summer, breed back in 45 Days in the Fall on lower quality grass and nurse their calf until it's weaned in March without being pampered.


Our decision to become a Black Angus Purebred Seed stock provider derived from many factors.
One of the many factors was that we had found the Black Angus cows in our commercial herds of various different breeds as our Most Profitable cows.

Having utilized a 6-Year Confined Feeding Program from 2010 until 2016 with 600 of our commercial cows of various breeds and different mature frame size for beef production, we found that smaller cows are not more profitable overall compared to moderate or bigger framed cows.

What we realized instead was that the Black Angus cattle with a Balanced Trait Selection within that breed of cattle was more consistent in producing more pounds of calf-per-pound feed consumed than any other breed.

We’d buy various different breeds of calves every fall and feed them alongside our own. After looking at feed conversion, carcass yield and grade across many different breeds of cattle, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Black Angus cattle, when selected for Optimum Balanced traits, can be mated without crossbreeding to produce the highest profit margins in any environment when compared to different breeds.


Our purebred cow herd is bred to calve-on-grass (June/July) in sync with Nature and are on a full herd Health Vaccination Program.

Bull Development Program

We believe nothing can select bad traits and force you to cull them like Nature. If you’re out checking cows on big pastures and there’s a cow that needs to be brought back to the barn, it’s our nature to not want to deal with those issues every year. So, cows with bad udders, bad feet or bad maternal traits get culled. We will not sell their progeny to anyone else, as we understand the commercial cattleman’s loss when he has to deal with those issues.

The calves are not weaned until March to Minimize Stress and Maximize Milk consumption. There are no feed additives that can replace the benefits of Mama’s Milk.

The Bull Calves are then put on a balanced, high roughage TMR Ration until Summer when they go back to pasture. In the Fall, we bring the yearling bulls back and place them on a balanced, high roughage TMR Ration until January, at which time they’ll be up for sale. We will keep the bulls here and keep developing them for our customers at No Charge until they need them for their breeding season.


The Angus Genetics that we invest in or provide are selected, based on: Phenotype, good quality Udders, Longevity, Maternal

characteristics, Calving ease and higher Performance in growth and maturity.

Our Goal is to provide the commercial and purebred Cattlemen Genetics that were born unassisted on grass and raised in sync with Nature ( that’s where we believe Health & Longevity starts ). These cows and herd sires come from our cows with quality udder conformation, sound feet, correct skeletal structure, are phenotypically correct and have moderate milk. They must also have fleshing ability so they can breed back in 45 Days and raise calves that are born easy, with the ability to Exceed average Weaning and yearling Weights.

Angus offers the best combination of growth and calving ease

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Angus, The Business Breed

Businesses We Recommend

Northern Portable Buildings Alberta,Canada

Northern Portable Buildings - A building for every purpose

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